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Butterfly Fibres :: BC Homegrown Wool

Updated: Oct 30, 2021

Butterfly Fibre is a Fraser Valley farm specializing in Alpacas and Shetland Sheep. The farm prides themselves in following the sheep code of practices and Canadian regulations.

Their beautiful purebred Shetlands are registered through NASSA and come in many colours. There are 11 main colours and 30 coat patterns. They have naturally short tails and find lambing easy.

The farm sells Shetland yarn, roving, wool batts, insoles and horns, and rams and ewes for breeding.

The yarn comes in all weights and is processed in Canada. The roving comes in many colours and has many uses. It’s fabulous for felting. It comes packaged in 20g samplers, 100 grams or more. Their wool batts are a blend of local fibre; Suffolk, Clun Forest, sheep crosses and more. Like the roving its great for felting.

The farm also raises Alpacas. At present they have five. They sell Alpaca yarn and roving. The yarn comes in a variety of weights. The roving is beautiful, clean, and soft, perfect for felting.

Throughout the year you can find Butterfly Fibres at events like: Fibres West and Knit City in Vancouver and , A Class of Wool on Pender Island in October.

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