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Best Wishes to Sharon and Dave of Chaotic Fibres

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

(Note: even though Sharon and Dave retired in 2021, Chaotic Fibres does live on! See below for more.)

felt :: feutre canada would like to take a moment to thank Sharon and Dave Lazell of Chaotic Fibres for all their support over the years. We are very appreciative of all they have done for this community of felt artists. Many of you will remember the gorgeous grab bags of fibres they gave us at the 2016 symposium, and their stall filled with colourful fibre. Sharon & Dave were also membership sponsors in 2019. We cannot thank them enough.

Chaotic Fibres was born out of Sharon’s love of beautiful fibre. As well as her passion for spinning, weaving, felting and knitting, and her appreciation of West Coast artisans and those all around the world. Over the years, the home-based business has over the years become known for carrying quality natural fibres from Vancouver Island, Europe, Asia and other parts of North America.

We were sad to learn of their plans to retire, but happy they will have more time for the things they love, like travelling.

We will miss you a great deal Sharon & Dave and wish you the very best, but look forward to hearing about your adventures.

Update June 2021: Great news! Chaotic Fibres lives on! In June 2021, Sharon and Dave transferred ownership to local fibre lover Kairee. Click here for more information about Kairee! You can still follow Chaotic Fibres on Facebook.

Kairee is still offering fibre such as: Angelina; Fancy Silk Threads/Ribbon; Netting;  Sari Silk – Sliver; Silk Chiffon Fabric; Silk Habotai Fabric; Silk Waste; Vintage Saris; Viscose Fabric; Viscose Top. Check out their other items such as their felting supplies, wool, rovings, rolags, skeins, wool blends, yarns, spinning supplies, silk, alpaca, mohair, specialty fibres.

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