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At the Jordan Art Gallery in April

One of our members, Greta Hildebrand tells us about her gallery in Jordan, Ontario. She is one of the artist/owners. Jordan is a wonderful place to spend a day with many charming shops and restaurants. It is the home of the felt making supplier, the Fibre Garden and the home of Greta's art, the Jordan Art Gallery.

shop photos: Greta Hildebrand

Heading east on the Wine Route at the base of the Niagara escarpment, you’ll discover the historic town of Jordan, nestled within the larger area of Lincoln. Situated in the former Jordan Winery among Inns, restaurants, boutiques and a fibre specialty shop and brand-new museum just steps away on Main Street, is the Jordan Art Gallery. It’s not new, in fact the gallery has celebrated over 20 years of outstanding service to artists and art lovers, earning it the Diamond award for art Galleries in Niagara, 2021.

As you enter, you’ll be greeted by one of the 7 artist partners who own and operate the business; but their own art doesn’t limit the eclectic range of work. Consignment artists from Niagara and the larger Golden Horseshoe area extend the diversity of paintings, printmaking, sculpture, pottery and raku, glass, woodwork, jewelry and textile art. The “Spotlight” wall is changed monthly during the tourist season. This juried feature is part of the Gallery’s outreach aimed at presenting to the public an outstanding Ontario artist.

Gallery partners Greta Hildebrand and Mori McCrae work with fibre and textiles.

photo: Greta Hildebrand, Hayfields from the Friendship Trail, Ridgeway, 11x14", needle felted wool and silk

Greta’s needle felted work is inspired by her observations of nature and having lived and explored various parts of Niagara. As a Fine Artist, she uses the same process that she would in painting, but instead using layers of blended fibres and colours. Her experience as a handspinner allows her to incorporate handspun yarns in the final detailing. A variety of dyed and natural silks, wools and plant fibres allow for a range of textures and colours, inviting the viewer to feel and explore as the artist herself has done.

photo: Mori McCrae, "To The Core" 18x12x12 soft sculpture canvas and felt

Mori’s fibre and textiles pieces explore the many facets of her work. Her formal education as a Fine Artist allows her to move fluidly between paint, fibre, textiles and poetry. Inspired by the figure, her latest soft sculpture pieces bring her to the “core” of life, and explore senescence; the biochemical decline of organic matter, used as a metaphor for human aging. Mori will also be exhibiting her work at the Grimsby Art Gallery this June.

photo: Melanie Siegel

During April 2022, the Spotlight artist is felt and bead artist Melanie Siegel. Melanie says: “The Canadian landscape is the inspiration for my work in textile making. It is the atmosphere and the chaotic disarray of the natural world, it is the mountains and forests, the richness of nature that gives rise to the expressive quality in my work.

As I continue to explore and develop the creation of textiles as a form of art composition, I attempt to push the boundaries of traditional methods. Weaving painterly tapestries, machine embroidery using thread to create fabric, hand and machine stitching and the specialty art of felt making, my work embraces a spirit of experimentation in textile."

The Jordan Art Gallery is open throughout the year with hours changing slightly between winter and summer. If you’re considering a visit, will provide current hours and more details about the artists.

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