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puppets: Fay Hodson

puppets: Fay Hodson

puppets: Fay Hodson

Featured entry: Feeling Cheeky


Feeling Cheeky

Materials and Techniques:

Wool, silk hankies, mohair, viscose, wire, pigment

Needle felting and wet felting

Artwork size in CM: Width……28…… Length………49..……… Depth………16………

Elise Campbell

As I pondered the theme of this exhibition I considered what it is that makes me laugh, and the one thing I kept returning to is my children and how their pants often seem to sit just below their bum cracks. Perhaps it is childish of me that butts still make me laugh, but there we have it! And that's how Esme came to be - she had been on the time out shelf for over a year (no fault of her own) and through a few sketches I finally discovered her destiny - to amuse you with her cheek(s)! She is built over a wire armature with ample behind and dons wet felted booties and a homemade cross-back apron (should have opted for the ties!) And, in spite of surviving a full double hand replacement, she still can never tame her pearly mohair locks.

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