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Fay Hodson - Mandrake Workshop - Kit

Kit cost: $40 (Note: shipping costs anywhere in Canada are covered by felt :: feutre canada)


Summary of contents (for 2 figures):

Wool batt for exterior | core wool for interior | merino and miscellaneous fibre for embellishments | mohair curls for top knots | yarn for binding core wool to armature | wire for armature | needle-felting needles


You must have Canadian address for shipping.  These kits cannot be shipped outside of Canada.


Sales of kits ends on September 23, 2022.  Only students who have registered for the Mandrake workshop can purchase one of these kits.  Once registered, you will be sent a link to Eventbrite where you can purchase the kit.


The kit will have sufficient materials to create 2 mandrakes or equivalent.  In the workshop, you make a mandrake similar to the instructor.  Then you create a second similar-sized figure of your own design using the workshop techniques.  You may end up with leftovers that can be part of the materials needed for creating a third figure.


The kit includes all the fibre and wire you will need for the making your creatures plus 4 needle felt needles. See materials list for additional tools that you will need.


Wool Wet Felting Batts (merino/rambouillet blend from Custom Woolen Mills) – 90 grams total in three colours for the surface layer.  This is the exact same fibre used by the instructor for her piece in the videos and pdf

  • This amount gives you a choice of colours for your mandrake and a second piece. Leftovers from the batts can also be used to create cores if you need additional core material.  You could use the third colour to create a third piece if you have suitable fibre for a third core in your stash.

Wool rovings – 110 grams (gray) for making cores for two mandrakes

Coloured wool tops (merino) – for making attachments and surface decoration

Mohair Curls – for making top knots

Miscellaneous fiber – for decorating attachments (silk or bamboo tops, banana fibre)

Yarn – a good length of strong yarn for binding the core to the armature for 2 figures

Galvanized Steel Wire 20 gauge (at least 15 ft) – one Mandrake requires close to 6 ft

Needle-felting needles (medium) (4)


Foam for a needle felting surface would have significantly impacted kit costs and shipping so it is not included – pillow foam or another soft surface (e.g, a rolled towel with a loose weave) that the needles can poke through will work.


Once you have purchased your kit, you will be contacted for a Canadian shipping address within a week.  The kit will be shipped by October 7, 2022.  Canada Post’s guaranteed delivery time is 4-8 business days anywhere in Canada.  The parcel will be tracked.


There are no refunds for this kit.

Copyright Fay Hodson – please do not distribute or copy without permission.

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