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The future: What’s Next 


With the dissolution plans activated we can move forward through the rest of 2022.  We will complete the workshops as planned.  We will have chat opportunities and at least one more Art Talk. We will be sending communications surrounding the Symposium progress.  


The Symposium 2023 now takes on a new significance, being the last under the felt::feutre canada banner.  It will be our challenge (the executive and the symposium committee) to find ways to include as many members in the event, including virtually and lower cost options.  We wish to make this event a huge celebration of the past, present and future of Canadian Feltmaking. To that end, we will be releasing information about the Symposium 2023 to our mailing list of 2022 members first (this means you).  If the spots are not filled, we will release it a few weeks later to past members of felt::feutre canada.  If any spots remain our Canadians who are not members will be invited, then the rest of the world.  We hope that it is filled mostly with current and past members so we can reminisce and connect and solidify our friendships.


Our Canadian representatives of the IFA have been contacted and look forward to picking up some of the activities that have connected members of felt::feutre canada over the last two years.  They hope most of you will join IFA and participate in the Region of Canada events.  In this organization we can help Canada shine in the worldwide felting community.  You will have access to many more online opportunities and with the power of such a large group you will find diverse learning and sharing sources, including all back issues of the Felt Matters magazine. Since there will be NO FEES in Jan 2023, you should consider spending your felt-guild monies on an IFA membership!   65 of our members are already participating in IFA. *Reminder: there is a IFA Canada zoom meeting Thursday Sept 22!


We will be continuing our private facebook page indefinitely. It may be renamed after dissolution but will continue to support Canadian Feltmakers through discussion and sharing of ideas and events.


Over the next few months we will help everyone find a regional group near them.  Sue has already started with Alberta, eastern BC and western Saskatchewan. Anyone who would like a group in their area should contact me or Sue and we will create a local list (after confirming with everyone who is willing to share emails). Let’s do this through the fall and have things established before the symposium!


As far as a symposium past 2023: there is nothing stopping anyone from gathering a few key volunteers to run one!  Or better yet, one of our member-fibre-shop-owners could run one for profit and use themselves as the prime vendor on-site.  There have been several members who have run single instructor events this year.  IFA Canada or Facebook group connect you to others and help you to coordinate sharing the instructor around for a series of the same workshop/instructor travelling our country! With so many online workshops available and affordable it is going to get tough to expect many members to incur travel/workshop fees/meals/accommodation expenses every two years.


And lastly: I will be personally holding all the financials and documents for at least 7 years.  I will also take the content of our beautiful website and park it somewhere that it will be retrievable (but not visible - that would cost more money).  I do this partly because the government demands access to information for a time, but also because there may be new folks with new tools and new ideas that may benefit from our historic information.  Make sure you take time to really read all the pages of our website before it is gone (next year in the Fall).  There is an amazing collection of photos and stories going back to the early days with Fiona.  You can see we have some wonderful talent in our humble little felting organization.  Fiona’s dream of connecting us has come to fruition. No one can say they are alone in their feltmaking thanks to felt::feutre canada.  It is now up to YOU to stay connected!


Chris Liszak

September 18, 2022

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